Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg

Mark Arinsberg

A native of Southern California now living in Saigon, Vietnam, Mark brings his unique world view and razor-sharp sense of humor to the virtual air waves while presenting real people and their stories. His podcast is engaging, honest and often inspiring. Mark is also here to explore ways to eliminate the avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion ill prepared people faced with inescapable death.

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In Part 2, Adrian Wilson shares his opinions on photography and technology as well as going from being an unknown to known then back to an unknown guerrilla street artist in New York. He also talks about preserving memories through digital media and how gratitude can free people up to enjoy life more fully. His world views, sense of humor and feelings about his fellow humans are refreshing and filled with hope and a childlike sense of wonder and fearlessness. This episode is sponsored by Crater Lake Taxi of Ashland, Oregon 541-333-3333

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