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comedy4cast comedy podcast

Clinton Alvord

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Haartte goes in search of art.

Haartte wraps up the tale of his first case as a private detective in Middling Fair. He must locate a missing statue of Venus de Milo – while putting up with Danny Hillcrest. The mysterious stranger is hoping this story will give him some clues as to Danny's whereabouts.

Lending their voices in this episode are Christiana Ellis ( as Minnie, the clothing store owner; John Bell ( as Turner, the book store owner; Cameron McGrath as Carver, the warehouse owner; Steve Ng ( as Delivery Person 1; Grant Johnson ( as the stranger; and the Narrator was played by Gary J. Chambers, (

>> Special Guest: Gary J. Chambers, narration, voiceover and stage>> Special Guest: Grant Johnson,>> Special Guest: Steve Ng,>> Special Guest: Cameron McGrath>> Special Guest: Christiana Ellis, >> John Bell, from the Bell's in the Batfry podcast>> Support comedy4cast by becoming a patron on Patreon>> Not able to be a patron? Consider buying Clinton some coffee>> Follow us on The Site Formerly Known As Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MeWe, Mastodon, Post and BlueSky>> Give us a call via the Listener Phone Line: (213) 290-4451>> Drop us an email at podcast @>> Also check out Clinton's other podcast, The Topic is Trek>> Certain sounds effects heard on comedy4cast are courtesy of freeSFX and

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