Hot 97.1FM Afterdark

Hot 97.1FM Afterdark

Dale Lamburger

Listen to youngdalethesausegod and his Family/Friends talk about nothing for fun Episodes are Occasional and are 10-30mins each A season = a month after the first episode is published (Sometimes there may be long breaks in between episodes because of time n stuff) Bonus EP’s are rare when they happen it is unplanned and quick. So if you see short episodes then that is the reason. *this is a bootleg version of hot 97.1FM in NYC but is also a parody of hot 96.1FM in the Caribbean* Everything here is not meant to be taken seriously and was just talking for no reason having fun.

Categories: Comedy

Listen to the last episode:

This is a shortened version of all of the valid stuff we were talking about and the rest was just nonsense lol, my apologies if it was 2 short.. youngdalethesausegod is coming out with another podcast soon so keep your eyes open for that. (Its a bonus because we never planned on the podcast and it is under 10 mins, just a quick chat with my friends)

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    Mon, 18 May 2020
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    Wed, 13 May 2020
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