Rage Whale

Rage Whale

Rage Whale

Join long time friends Kev, James & Drew hanging out together reminiscing on our youth and telling crazy stories. We debate New & Old Movies as well as TV series but we mainly deviate into all sorts of subjects. This is comedy gold yet we occasionally frustrate each other with our varied opinions. We enjoy taking questions from the audience no matter the subject and getting on the occasional guest to join us.

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A bumper Movie News episode and there's lots to discuss: From new trailers, recent releases and rumours. We accidentally all arrive on screen wearing grey, the most boring of all the colours, or is it the most provocative? Definitely boring! We discuss 'The Bear' which was released this week, one of the most exceptional series in recent history. Also bring up Tilda Swinton who has this week both been asleep in an Art Installation as well as raving with Orbital at Glastonbury. Kevin discusses the disappointingly pretentious 'Kinds Of Kindness' that he was hoping to love as much as 'Poor Things' but it wasn't to be. We then discuss what we are looking forward to over the next 2 weeks with 3 potentially groundbreaking Horrors that sound like they have the potential to be classics if the hype is real. Fingers crossed.

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    Thu, 11 Jul 2024
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    Mon, 01 Jul 2024
  • 41 - Rage Whale Ep 38: BONUS more chat with our Guest Shed (Sara) and a Quiz 
    Fri, 28 Jun 2024
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