ROOM 47, An Alias Podcast

ROOM 47, An Alias Podcast

Room 47, An Alias Podcast

A podcast dedicated to dissecting Alias, the 2001 spy-melodrama starring Jennifer Garner (no d), before she was a famous chef on her IGTV. Hosted by coast-to-coast best friends, ROOM 47 is a hilarious and informative look into this classic tv show, from Maureen (who barely remembers characters' names) and Gina (who wrote a story about Sydney Bristow in the 7th grade.) Tune in for recap episodes filled with fun segments, lots of laughs, and maybe even some special guests. Are you In?

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We’re back, babyyyy! Gina’s mic sometimes makes noises that sounds like ghosts. Maureen is laugh-crying, but honey she’s got tissues this time. Most importantly, Sydney is officially being interrogated over The Prophecy, so her DA B0YZ scheme up an innocence-proving rescue plan. Honestly, someone should rescue us from ourselves. Please send help and snacks.

THANK YOU to ALICE.KM for our theme song, Jennifer Garner for her many gifts, and our moms.

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