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Rotten but still a little sweet! Rotten Mango is a true crime + all things spooky podcast. We love doing deep dives into the darkest crimes and we tend to not leave out any details - which can get a little rotten at times. If you want deep dives in the psychology of killers, no holding back storytelling of crimes, and stories of lesser known criminals from around the world this is the place for you. Welcome to Rotten Mango but don’t worry it all comes with a seasoning of comedy/sweetness.

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There had been rumors floating around that children were pulling their parents out of the high-end mall. Some of them reported seeing bloody ghosts trying to climb onto the backs of the employees. Parents brushed off their children because this was one of the most luxurious malls in the entire nation. A coat can easily sell for $1k here. This was not a place where there would be ghosts… especially not bloody ones. But maybe the children were being warned? Soon after, 502 people would die inside this very mall in Gangnam. And to this day, 40 people are still missing… Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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