The Ugandan Podcast

The Ugandan Podcast

The Ugandan Podcast

Ministry of ICT and National Guidance presents The Ugandan Podcast . The podcast features Ugandans, government officials and other stakeholders steering in Government programs, policies and projects for the collective Development of Uganda. The Ugandan podcast is an audio-visual production on informing, understanding and sharing on government programs so as to enhance citizen engagement in achieving the National Development Goals. We share facts, ideas and progress through dialogue and poetry so as to create positive impact.

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Join us in this 25th episode of the Ugandan Podcast as we delve into the vibrant world of marketing with Colin Asiimwe, a seasoned marketer and brand strategist with over 15 years of experience spanning East Africa. Colin, an alumnus of the prestigious Reforge 2022 Fall Cohort: Marketing Strategy, shares his journey, passion, and insights from his extensive career in various sectors including telecom, finance, aviation, alcohol, petroleum, and media. In this enlightening conversation, Colin breaks down the key factors that contribute to successful marketing campaigns in the digital age, and discusses the critical metrics for measuring their success. He also sheds light on how to effectively manage negative feedback and criticism in the brand space. Colin further enlightens us with his analysis of five ingenious and effective Ugandan marketing campaigns that he admires. He also explores the transformative role of technology in marketing over the years, and what he believes needs to change in the sector. Finally, Colin discusses the potential role of government in enhancing the marketing space, and ends the podcast with powerful words of encouragement for young individuals and anyone aspiring to make a mark in the marketing world. Tune in to this episode of the Ugandan Podcast for an invaluable masterclass in marketing strategy and brand management.

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    Mon, 03 Apr 2023
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